QR Codes in Schools

So, how would QR codes work in schools? Yes, technology has made leaps and bounds in the school system but how can a little square code make a difference in a students, teacher, or parent’s life? It’s all become very apparent that students are bringing their phones to class and using them, so why not use them for good instead of a way to not pay attention in class? The same goes for laptops that are widely used in schools now. Those mobile phones and laptops can be used to enhance learning via QR code.

Putting QR codes on posters throughout campus that link to more information on the internet or link to special events that can be put on the students calendar, such as school dances or charity drives. By using QR codes in front of each classroom as the student walks in, they would be able to scan the code and then log in for attendance, thus making it easier for the teacher to begin class promptly without wasting time. A way for teachers to enhance learning within and out of the classroom is by providing a QR code on homework worksheets which when scanned will lead the student to a site providing more educational information about the content or offering a tutorial page if the student is stuck.

A few other examples of using QR codes in schools are putting QR codes on computers that then link to a webpage that gives specific outlines of the hardware and how it can be used, this helps the student and teacher during computer labs. The student is then able to figure out how to use the device and its software on their own. In order to help parents as well as students, a QR code could be printed on the outside of the school which then can lead the person who scanned it to the schools website giving them access to teacher and administrator information, the hours of the school, theater and sports events, as well as details pertaining to school budgets. QR codes are being integrated into the lives of students, teachers, and parents, so why not take advantage of the technology to better the lives and minds of students. 

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