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QR codes can literally come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Within reason, of course, the square that we have all come to love still has to be present but it can be encompassed in various shapes or have shapes within them. Movies have been using them and places photos of actors behind them to create interest in the movie. The movie watcher simply scans the code and then they can view the movie website or the movies trailer. QR codes in a short amount of time have gone from black on white to all shades of the rainbow. Most of those codes are personally made but are designed to be eye catching thus promoting someone to scan it.

There are 3d QR codes, QR codes in various shapes, like stars, designers also seem to be putting shapes and images within the QR code to give an indication of what the QR code will then lead the scanner to. QR code design has gotten very creative, all to catch your attention. When creating a QR code adding in your logo to add interest and information has become very popular. Companies like Gucci, who have used a symbol of a purse within their QR code is easily processed by the potential client because of the simple image depicted within the QR code. Drink products have placed QR codes right on their bottles and in eye catching ways so that the old untwisting the cap and looking under it to find a prize is simply that, old.

No more having to go on the website and then type in the code to see if you have won something. You now can just scan the code and be taken right to your prize or information. Coca Cola even has a few ads out depicting the QR codes within their classic bottle shape. QR code designs are becoming more inventive and can only get better. With the vast options for designs and the limitless power of your imagination a QR code can turn into something better than what it started from. 

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It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using QR codes for personal use. There are several reasons why. QR codes are a way to electronically communicate in marketing. Marketers can track use of QR codes and how often they are actually used for buying and discount codes.


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