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QR codes are used widely by large companies with lots of dollars for marketing. However, there are programs out there that can offer QR code generating services for small business owners or even bloggers. There are several websites that offer easy and convenient ways to generate a QR code. Some of them include Kaywa, Delivr, and Qurify.Google also offers a way to generate QR codes with their “Google URL Shortener” that can create QR codes from a shortened link.

Once you have a link converted into a QR code, you can upload the code to a photo and post it on Facebook or print out the QR code and post it elsewhere for people to scan with their smart phones. The file can also be attached to your e-mail signature making it easier for the people you send e-mails to link to your website, blog, information site, or store front of your website. Using QR codes is also a perfect way to offer new clients or consumers a way to experience your products or services by offering discounts or special offers catering to their needs and wants.

QR codes can even be used for personal ads. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to uses for QR codes for the small business owner or for anyone who wishes to optimize their personal information. Starbucks is even a front runner and one of the first businesses to optimize QR codes. Consumers would scan the QR code and be able to find out from a specially designed site made specifically for mobile phones prices, flavors of coffee, and special consumer offers.

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It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using QR codes for personal use. There are several reasons why. QR codes are a way to electronically communicate in marketing. Marketers can track use of QR codes and how often they are actually used for buying and discount codes.


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