Guide To Mobile Art

As technology continues to improve and allows users to have the ability to read, write, draw and paint from their mobile smart phones we will be able to more mesh technology and art together. There are a wide variety of mobile applications that are available on the market for you to choose from, some of which provide you with more advanced options than others. Many of the mobile art applications that are available for you to download are offered free of charge. Although this is the case, there are typically more advanced versions of the free applications that are available for purchase. Before making the investment in an art application for your mobile phone, take the time to compare the abilities of each app. 

Drawing Apps

There are various mobile drawing applications that you can choose from; some of the available apps provide you with the basic tools, such as a pencil and various colors. Other mobile apps that are designed for drawing have more advanced selections, such as the ability to modify the picture as you wish. There are also apps that are designed for large projects and industry solutions.

  • Autodesk SketchBook Pro: This drawing app is available for iPhones, iPod touches and Android smart phones.
  • Mobile Sketcher 1.0: Mobile Sketcher is a basic drawing application that provides you with the tools needed to make your own sketches.
  • Adobe Ideas: Created for industrial designers, this app is designed for Apple device users and provides you with the tools needed to accomplish a project, some of which include vector-based drawing tools and a large virtual canvas.
  • Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing: This mobile drawing application provides two different users with the ability to collaborate on a piece of artwork by connecting through Bluetooth or WiFi. This app is designed for iPhone and iPod touch devices.
  • Eastern Drawing: Eastern Drawing is a mobile drawing application that provides you with the tools needed to express your creativity through oriental painting.

Painting Apps

Painting apps are a bit more advanced than the basic mobile drawing app. These types of mobile apps generally provide you with a larger range of colors to work with. You also have the choice of modifying the size and type of paintbrush you use, which gives you the option of being as detailed as possible. Choose the painting app that has the tools you need to complete the projects or pieces of art you want to do.

  • Brushes Mobile Painting: This mobile painting app is designed for the iPhone and iPad. Modify the color and transparency of each color you choose to use from the color wheel.
  • Mobile Paint: This app is designed for the Symbian operating system. This is designed for Nokia phones and gives you the ability to control the lines you create with precision.
  • Paint Pro: This is one of the best painting apps that are free of charge. You have the ability to undo, redo, add effects, load, save and change the pen and background colors.
  • (Lite) Magic Brush: The Lite Magic Brush app is designed for select Nokia phones. This simple app is easy to use for beginners.
  • My Paint for Android: This is a simple mobile painting app that does not have ads and does not charge a fee for using. Use it on your Android smart phone or tablet.

Coloring Apps

Coloring apps are available for different purposes. Whether you wish to keep your little one busy while traveling or need to choose from coloring options when designing your home, there are apps available for your mobile phone. Some apps have themes, such as monsters. Other themes are available that allow you the option to take a picture of an object and choose which colors to use to color this picture with.

  • Coloring Maker: This mobile app allows you to take a picture, or scan, pages from a coloring book for your child to color in.
  • My Number Coloring Book: This app features 20 hand-drawn pictures to color that range from one to 20. This app is available for download on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod.
  • Monster Coloring Book: Monster Coloring Book is a coloring app that allows you to finger paint from a selection of monsters.
  • MyPANTONE for Android: Choose the exact colors you wish to use in real life with this wide selection of color swatches. Although this is not an app to color on your phone, you can use this app to assist with coloring your walls and other areas of interior design.

Image Edit and Distortion Apps

There are various mobile applications that are designed for image editing and distortion. Some of the available apps are basic and allow you to simply modify the appearance of an image. Other apps allow you to add to an image to get an idea of how makeup or an outfit will look on you. Additionally, there are also apps that allow you to create collages and wallpapers for your phone.

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch: Create multilayered images. This app is designed for Android tablets.
  • Lab: This app is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android users. This free app features 450 different effects you can apply to your pictures.
  • ModiFace: This app allows you the opportunity to see how makeup will look on you after taking a basic picture of your face.
  • Face Effects: Face Effects allows you to distort face pictures, some of the distortion options include adding a huge smile, fat, ugly, bald and bold.
  • PicSay Pro: PicSay Pro is a mobile app that is designed for Android users. You can add comments, text bubbles and stickers to your pictures.   

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