QR Codes and the U.S. Military

Staying on the cutting edge rather than the cutting room floor is difficult in today’s fast paced world but it seems the one element in our society that needs to be ahead of everyone else is the U.S. Military. Technology has been gaining momentum all across the globe and military technology is no exception. The army has been making their way on all the social media networks to rally men and women into their ranks. But how are they staying a cut above the rest?

While the Army may be starting small with the likes of QR codes they can only get to a higher rank of usage. Army Career Center’s are placing QR codes outside their offices for prospective applicants to scan if no one happens to be there or if they are interested but not yet willing to go in and speak to someone. Upon scanning the code the applicant is brought to a site that describes all that a recruit of the army should know.

In the future QR codes could be used for things much more complicated than that. QR codes could be placed on weaponry to perhaps be scanned in, making it easier and more efficient way of checking in weapons so as not to have any mistakes. QR codes could even be used for the soldiers themselves. A QR code could be scanned on the soldiers person and then the person scanning could know the information they needed to know to proceed.

While the military have more pressing matters at hand, QR codes seem to be making an impact. Army is using this tool more and more to recruit and get out information to a tech savvy generation. Appealing to today’s youth can be difficult but by creating something that is eye catching and easy to use is the first step. The U.S. Military is making great strides to technological innvation.

QR codes and the U.S. Army

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