Lisa Sanders

Hi, my name is Lisa Sanders and I am the blogger for this QR code site. My love of QR codes simply comes from my love of all things technology related and I discovered them when I purchased my first smartphone. I enjoy finding interesting topics involving QR codes to share with readers. I have worked in marketing for over 15 years and this also contributes to my interest in QR codes.

To share a little bit about myself, I am originally from California but moved to the northeast after completing college and starting my first marketing job. I have two awesome dogs, a Pug named Pickles and a Great Dane named Butch. I also have a cat named Penelope and I consider my pets to be like my children.

When I am not working, I enjoy being outdoors and love to take my dogs for a nice hike through the beautiful mountains located in the northeast. Sometimes Pickles gets tired out and I have to carry her but Butch is always up for a long hike through the mountains. When I am not hiking or discovering new things about QR codes I enjoy doing pottery. It is a hobby I recently took up and while I am not very good at it yet, I find it to be very relaxing and hope that with practice I can improve.

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It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using QR codes for personal use. There are several reasons why. QR codes are a way to electronically communicate in marketing. Marketers can track use of QR codes and how often they are actually used for buying and discount codes.


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