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QR code capabilities have far spanned imaginations. The information that they hold and the basic nature of their usage is astoundingly easy. So, why not utilize such technology where technology does not always venture, libraries. Libraries have, of course, been updating their facilities by way of computers and DVD’s, however things could be made easier by using QR codes. Not only that, the learning value a QR code can have makes it worth a library goers while.

QR codes are information based so naturally on a learning level QR codes could help anyone who needed more information on something. One would think computers would just do that but in the age of mobile phones and smartphones at that, using QR codes on book shelves, on library posters and other various places throughout the library can bring a wealth of knowledge to the scanner of the QR code. Say someone is in the history section of the library and scans a poster on the outside of the aisle. That person could receive information about a particular century to look at in the section or perhaps they could be taken to an interactive learning experience that coordinates with a book in the library on the subject.

Another reason to use QR codes in libraries is the obvious benefits of putting QR codes on the books themselves. This can be helpful in cataloguing each text for easy locating by the library. Not only that but it makes it easier for a library goes to find books themselves. For instance, QR codes in libraries can be used for discovering an authors other published works by merely scanning the QR code on a book you happen to be reading then that QR code is linked to the libraries site which brings you to other published works by that author.

Libraries have also been utilizing QR codes in the way that most ebooks are able to download books on a whim. Some libraries are enabling a QR code that will download audiobooks for a short time to your smart phone thus improving the experience a library can give to the tech savvy. While libraries seem to be behind the times they are making strides to keep up. QR codes are simply a step in the many libraries will take to keep with the tech generation.

QR codes and Libraries

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