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It’s simple a fact of life that today’s youth are sometimes better at using technology than most adults are. This can sometimes be a hinderence for teachers and being able to teach children who would rather be texting during class. So why not engage these students with their phones and the technology provided by the schools? QR codes have been known to help consumers obtain the information needed on a product they are buying or receiving a discount on that product. But QR codes are not just for businesses to sell products but by using QR codes in schools we would be taking steps toward a brighter future.

As of now the number of textbooks being used that contain QR codes are steadily growing. Teachers are now able to use the textbooks as more than just a book and can involve the students by having them scan the QR code with their phones which then engages them more by bringing the student to a website dedicated to the subject content that the teacher is now teaching to the class.Bridging the gap between parents and teachers can sometimes be difficult. One way to remedy this is by the use of QR codes. By using QR codes a teacher can create their own code which then can be sent home with the student and given to parents. Parents can then scan the code and be led to information that includes expectations of the students, the course overview and other important information that would concern a parent and the way their child is learning. QR codes can also be assigned to each child which then a teacher or parent can scan each code and by scanning the code gets brought to projects that the student was graded on or grades of tests and quizzes. This makes things easier for a parent to stay up to date with the progress of their child.

One final thing would be that QR codes have the potential of easing the High School to College transition. Colleges and Universities are taking advantage of QR codes by posting them throughout their campuses to help Freshmen with their first year. When a Freshmen scans the code they can be taken to maps, videos, and other college resources that can help not just Freshmen but the upper classman as well. Student Associations, various clubs, and professors can take advantage of this technology. While this concept has not been completely grasped by all schools, it seems to be growing in popularity and the uses for these little code boxes seem to be almost limitless when it comes to education. 

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It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using QR codes for personal use. There are several reasons why. QR codes are a way to electronically communicate in marketing. Marketers can track use of QR codes and how often they are actually used for buying and discount codes.


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