Making Shopping Personal with QR Codes

Seeing QR Codes on window panels and at the check-out counter at your local department store? This very simple but extremely powerful mobile method of advertising seems to be popping up everywhere. Each company that uses QR codes places each code either at the entrance of their stores or a keen way to receive an exclusive percentage off, they place the QR codes at the check-out counter. Occasionally the QR code will give an indication of what the QR code will do for the customer. For example, Macy’s has a QR code in the shape of their company’s emblem, a red star, and it is stationed in the front of the store. It offers insider information for Macy’s shoppers. Which then promotes more spending by the customer.

Adding interest to the QR code shape helps the customer make the decision on whether or not they wish to scan the QR code or not. By offering a slight uniqueness to the code the customer is then engaged to scan then ultimately to buy. Which then leads to a relationship with the customer and a general experience for them. So, instead of having the customer meander throughout a store, stores are engaging them with a QR code which they can then view with their personal mobile device, thus making their shopping experience exclusive to them.

Personalizing the shopping with QR codes puts the customer more in control of their advertising experience as well. In other words, the customer can choose when they want to be advertised to. With all the ads and billboards out there, this gives the customer a chance to make purchasing decisions in their own way.

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It’s only a matter of time before everyone is using QR codes for personal use. There are several reasons why. QR codes are a way to electronically communicate in marketing. Marketers can track use of QR codes and how often they are actually used for buying and discount codes.


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