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In this day and age technology has a tendency to consume our daily activities from television and cell phones, to computers and video games. When the adults of today were younger, most of their time was spent outside riding bikes and using their creativity and imagination for play. Today, kids like to spend hours in front of the television, playing on their cell phone, and mastering their newest video game. There are a lot of fun activities parents can do with their children to spark their inquisitive and creative minds.


Sheri Lewis brought the famous sock puppet Lamb Chop to life in 1957. In the early 90’s Sheri and Lamb Chop made children happy with their PBS children’s television series Lamb Chop’s Play-Along. Another childhood favorite is the Muppet Show. Each week Jim Henson and others brought Fozzie Bear, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal, and other wacky characters to life and made children everywhere smile and laugh. Any child is sure to have fun creating their own puppets and putting on a fun puppet show with and for their family and friends. Below are some links to help you introduce your child to the world of puppets as well as get your child started in making their own.


Women have used quilting as a creative art form for many years. By sewing pieces of fabric together by using patches of smaller fabric, quilts can be used to tell a story. Photos or words can be placed on fabric, or fabric from a person’s clothing can be used to help make quilts more personal. There are many easy projects with which children can become involved in order to create a quilted story of their own. This is also a project you and your family can take on in order to help those less fortunate or to simply give as a gift to a family member.


Kids of all ages will enjoy making jewelry whether for them to wear or to give away as gifts to others. Jewelry making is easy and fun for boys and girls. All you will need is some cord, beads, or any other items you would like to add to a piece of handcrafted jewelry. There are many places online that sell these items or they can be purchased at a local retailer. Take a look at these project ideas to see what supplies will be needed.

Rubber Stamping

When ink or dye is placed on an object by using an carved image block this is known as rubber stamping. Rubber stamps can be purchased or they can be handmade. When the stamp is dipped into the ink it can be transferred to paper, clothing, gift bags, wrapping paper, or almost any other object you would like to decorate. It’s a fun way to spend time with your children and get creative. The links below will provide many project ideas.

Paper Mache

Paper mache consists of multiple strips of paper which are placed on an object, such as a balloon, to create art. Paper mache is also easy and something children will enjoy. They can make bowls, bunnies, and many other things they are sure to love. Below are links that will provide information on how to paper mache as well as some fabulous project ideas.


Origami is a Japanese art in which paper is folded to create many different things. The concept is to transform flat paper into intricate designs without the use of scissors or glue. Kids can use origami techniques to make animals, flowers, jewelry and more. The links below provide craft ideas and instructions on how to get started creating an origami masterpiece.


Balloons are loved by almost everyone and bring smiles to many faces. There are many games that can be played using balloons which are a lot of fun for people of all ages. It’s always fun to see the many different things that can be made from balloons as well. Kids are sure to love creating these fun crafts below.


Today it seems kids spend more time indoors than they do out. Teaching kids about nature can be beneficial and fun for the entire family. Try getting them involved in photography in which they can photograph birds or butterflies. Creating their own garden will also teach them about a healthier lifestyle as they grow their own fruits and vegetables to try.

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